Severance Negotiations

If your employer terminates your employment, it may offer you a severance agreement. Typically, the severance agreement requires you to release all claims against the employer in exchange for some extra payment after the end of your employment. If you believe you have a legal claim against your former employer, for discrimination, harassment or another dispute, you should review the severance agreement with an attorney at Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP before signing it.

Many of the items in the severance package are negotiable, and you are not obligated to sign the contract on sight. You can rely on the attorneys at Joseph & Kirschenbaum to review the severance agreement and help ensure that your rights are protected. You will learn whether your severance agreement adequately compensates you and you have received all the benefits due to you.

The attorneys at Joseph & Kirschenbaum have successfully negotiated substantially higher severance packages for many types of employees, including office managers, human resources staff, salespeople, executives, financial services employees, law firm professional staff, and more.

Speak With an Employment Attorney Who Has Negotiated Many Severance Packages

There are technicalities and nuances in severance agreements. Many of these items are negotiable, especially when an attorney at Joseph & Kirschenbaum handles the discussions with your former employer. Do not walk this path alone and risk leaving money on the table. You will benefit from professional guidance in the review and negotiation of your severance agreement.

Clients say the lawyers of Joseph & Kirschenbaum advocated for them in severance negotiations and helped them achieve substantially improved agreements. Request a free consultation.

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