Prevailing Wage

If you work on a public works project, you may be entitled to receive a prevailing wage in excess of $40.00 per hour, along with fringe benefits. In New York State, the prevailing wage is set by law for laborers, workers and mechanics hired for public work projects. Wage schedules are set specifically for each county and the pay rates are determined for each classification of the work performed. All contracts between a government agency and a contractor must follow these schedules.

Although your pay should follow the prevailing wage, some companies take advantage of the fact that you may not be a member of the union and may attempt to pay you at a lower rate than the established prevailing wage. However, you have extensive rights to minimum levels of pay and benefits, regardless of whether you are a member of a union.

Make Sure You Are Being Paid at the Prevailing Wage

Speak with an attorney at the law firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP to confirm what the prevailing wage is in your county and for your skills. You should not be deprived of wages to which you are legally entitled.

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