Maimon Kirschenbaum, “Scourge of Restaurateurs,” Helps Plaintiffs Achieve Multimillion Dollar Settlement in Batali Case

According to a recent report by the Australian, restaurant empire Batali and Co has agreed to pay out $5.25 million in a class action lawsuit filed by 117 restaurant workers. The settlement occurred in mid-June, providing plaintiffs with compensation for their lost wages and legal fees.

According to the lawsuit, the restaurants, helmed by superstar chef Mario Batali, skimmed 4 to 5 percent of alcohol and wine servers’ tips to pad the salaries of sommeliers. This widespread, illegal practice caught up with them in 2010, when restaurant workers came forward with the allegations. Herman Alvarado, a kitchen runner at one of Batali’s restaurants and one of the lead plaintiffs in the case, worked with attorney Maimon Kirschenbaum of Joseph, Herzfeld, Hester & Kirschenbaum to bring the case before the court, along with another lead plaintiff.

Kirschenbaum, coined the “scourge of restaurateurs” by some in the New York restaurant community, pursued the Batali case as one of over 100 wage violation cases involving restaurants in New York. The firm’s reputation among restaurant owners engaging in dishonest practices has solidified further as a result.