New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Labor

The fiercely independent state of New Hampshire (motto: “live free or die”) is home to over 1.3 million people, according to a 2008 estimate. The Granite State produces just under $50 billion per year, and its economy is dominated by agriculture and machining. Key cash crops include apples, cattle, and dairy products. New Hampshire is also home to a variety of small businesses, textile plants, and a thriving tourist industry. Every four years, NH plays a pivotal role in the Presidential primaries. Voters can cross party lines in NH, so all the major candidates must put in time here to fete various constituencies.

The New Hampshire Department of Labor is responsible for addressing and processing employment discrimination and harassment claims. The DOL enforces state labor laws and protects the interests and well being of workers in New Hampshire. The DOL’s jurisdiction includes worker’s comp, overtime, wage and hour, and safety at work issues. The Office of the Commissioner of Labor oversees employment specific complaints. It also manages questions, concerns, complaints, and education for job seekers and individuals seeking better safety training.

Given New Hampshire’s fiercely libertarian philosophies, many disgruntled NH workers forego actions against bullying employers out of a sense of forbearance. Unfortunately, when problems like harassment, retaliation, or wage and hour violations go unchallenged, problems persist. Particularly in light of the recent economic slowdown, which has hurt New Hampshire towns dependent on traditional manufacturing (such as Manchester), it’s more important than ever for New Hampshire workers to stand up for themselves and advocate for their rights under the state’s labor laws.

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