Montana Department of Labor & Industry

The Big Sky state of Montana is a giant indeed – at least in terms of biological and geological diversity and sheer size. Montana is comprised of almost a 150,000 square miles of terrain. However, in terms of population and economy, Montana is tiny. Within those 150,000 square miles, fewer than one million permanent residents reside, according to a 2008 census. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates the state’s gross product at just around $26 billion. The economy rests primarily on agriculture, tourism, mining and lumber. This great northwestern state produces potatoes, wheat, cherries, and ranching products, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to national wilderness refuges, like Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry oversees state employment discrimination law. This division supports citizens, laborers, and employees alike in providing opportunities, education, remediation, and enforcement. It also regulates and oversees the state’s workers compensation system, investigates discrimination, enforces laws, attempts to resolve disputes, does research, and helps employers and employees alike clarify relevant distinctions between Montana and U.S. discrimination law. (Title 39 of the Constitution of the State of Montana deals with labor law, if you’re interested in referring to specific state codes about your discrimination matter.)

Over the past ten years, it has become “trendy” for wealthy individuals from the coasts to buy resort properties in Montana’s most scenic regions. Conflicts between these “carpetbagger types” and local Montanans inevitably arise and sometimes devolve into disputes over labor laws and employment discrimination and harassment.

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