Maimon Kirschenbaum named #3 Fighter in NY Eater’s 2011 Top Ten

New York Eater Selects Maimon Kirschenbaum’s Epic Quest For Fairness at NYC Restaurants as One of Its Top 10 “Fights and Freak Outs” of 2011

New York Eater recently released its “Top 10 Restaurants Fights and Freak Outs of 2011.” The list included the epic grudge match of our own Maimon Kirschenbaum versus The Restaurants of New York City” as # 3. Attorney Kirschenbaum has won infamy among restaurateurs -- and much praise from workers (waiters, managers, cooks, etc.) -- for his relentless quest for justice in wage and hour and tip misappropriation cases.

New York Eater noted that, in 2011 alone, Kirschenbaum took on huge names in the restaurant business, including Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, Maguy Le Coze and Fresco by Scotto.

Former target Joe Bastianich of Eataly sounded a sour note, suggesting that "money grubbing lawyers" had driven him and his partners out of the NYC restaurant business and robbed the city of "700" jobs. Clearly, Bastianich would not put attorney Kirschenbaum on his list of “people I would like to dine with.” But it’s helpful to keep in mind that perhaps thousands of people have been helped by attorney Kirschenbaum’s passionate crusade to end abusive practices at NYC restaurants.

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