Victory for Plaintiffs in Compensation Case against Abbott Lab Pharmalot

Abbott Should Pay Overtime To Sales Reps: Judge

This Pharmalot article tells of that a federal court judge in the Northern District of Illinois issued a critical ruling in a case that may have vast national implications for how the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) should be interpreted. The case revolves whether sales representatives for Abbott should have been paid overtime for their work, pursuant to the FLSA.

Lawyers for Abbott Lab maintained that the sales reps were "outside salespeople" -- a designation that would make the company exempt from paying overtime for hours worked per week beyond 40 hours. The drug maker also argued that the sales reps should not get overtime pay because of a rule called "administrative exemption."

Judge Ruben Castillo ruled for the plaintiffs on both points. Joseph & Kirschenbaum attorneys Charles Joseph and Michael DiChiara are part of the attorney team for the plaintiffs.