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"Maimon Kirschenbaum, a partner at Joseph, Herzfeld, Hester & Kirschenbaum, who acted for one of the two lead plaintiffs has been described as the "scourge of restaurateurs" because of his proclivity for legal action against restaurants. Kirschenbaum has pursued more than 100 wage-violation cases against New York restaurants."

"From Skadden’s papers, it is exceedingly obvious that they are trying to worm around the unavoidable and obvious conclusion that Mr. Lola’s work does not constitute the practice of law and that he was entitled to overtime pay under the FLSA"

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Suit Claims Skadden Owes Doc Reviewer Overtime Pay

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Wall Street Journal Article Discusses Spate of New York City Wage and Hour Violations

Tip Skimming Allegation Leveled against Culinary Institute

DOL Files Brief for Federal Appeal in Potentially Game Changing FLSA Case

Wage and Hour Violation Lawsuit against Mario Batali Drums up a Lot of Press

Second Circuit Rules: Sales Reps for Drug Companies Not Exempt from FLSA Protection

Victory for Plaintiffs in Compensation Case against Abbott Lab

Waitresses Sue Café Habana, Alleging Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Habana Girls File Lawsuit Over Wages, Pinup Calendar

Frank Accused of Witholding Pasta; Matsuri Also Hit With Lawsuit

Ex-Waiter Serves Tavern with Tip-Sharing Lawsuit

Workers at 21 Club Sue Over Wages

Maimon's Latest Target: Japonais

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Lawsuits Brought Against Bouley, BondSt, and BLT Empire

Jay-Z's Club Faces Pay Rap

Starbucks Sued in New York Over Tip Issue

Park Avenue Winter Experiences Legal Discontent

Wage-and-hour suits put industry on defensive

Wage Wars

At Nobu, a Lawsuit Over Workers' Tips

Famed N.Y. Chef Sued for Skimpy Wages

Abbott Sued by Drug Reps on Overtime Pay

Sales Reps File More Overtime Lawsuits

Jay-Z Hit with $taff Rap at Hip Club

Suits Allege Pay Violations At Restaurants

Waiters Serve Papers to City Hall and B.B. King Blues Club

Upper West Side Diners Allegedly Paying Waiters in Ham Sandwiches

Legal Battle on Tap for Heartland Brewery

Drug Firm Reps Sue for Overtime

Drug Salespeople Sue for Unpaid Overtime

Pharmaceutical Workers Sue for Back Pay

Pharmaceutical Representatives File Nationwide

Sales Reps Sue Drug Giants on Overtime Pay